Sex Workers Anti-Violence Demonstration
Time: 8am-1pm Tuesday March 18th, 2014
Location: Seattle Municipal Court is at 600 5th Ave.

From: SWOP-Seattle
Sex Workers Outreach Project of Seattle
Contact: Mary Magdelene

Who We Are:
Sex Workers Outreach Project Seattle is a social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of consenting adult sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education, peer outreach, and advocacy.

Purpose of Our Demonstration:
 We are protesting the direct and systemic violence, which results from the criminalization of sex work, which forces sex workers to operate in an unregulated underground economy. Due to the dismissive and judgmental social stigma surrounding sex work, sex workers are often targets for physical violence. Afraid to come forward due to the fear of arrest, many victims of targeted violence have remained silent.

Why We Are Demonstrating Now: Several members of our local and national sex worker community have come forward stating that they were brutally assaulted by a man who is on trial on March 18th for domestic violence, and that this man has used aggressive silencing tactics to intimidate his sex worker victims and their allies from speaking out publicly against him. This man, who will remain unnamed at the time of this press release, is being represented in his domestic violence case by Eric W. Lindell who once defended Gary Ridgeway, “The Green River Killer”. We are demonstrating on the 18th to speak out on behalf of our community as united, peaceful human beings who will not tolerate being assaulted, ignored, threatened, or mistreated.


SWOP-Seattle Anti-Violence Demonstration Poster

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