On this page, we will link to articles and resources documenting how criminalization and the Nordic Model do more harm than good.

The Truth Behind Trafficking Map
Underage Prostitution Arrests in America, by the Numbers
published by the Village Voice

Real Men Get Their Facts Straight
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s Involvement with Anti-Trafficking Movement
published by the Village Voice

Hollywood’s Dangerous Obsession with Sex Trafficking
From Chong Kim to Somaly Mam, We Need To Resist The Urge to Sensationalize Real Human Trafficking Narratives
Published by Noah Berlatsky in Salon

Moving Beyond ‘Supply & Demand’ Catchphrases
Assessing the Uses and Limitations of Demand-Based Approaches in Anti-Trafficking
Published by the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

The Holy Saint (and Sinner) or Sex Trafficking
Exposing the lies of rescue-industry superstar Somaly Mam
publish by Simon Marks in Newsweek

Kristof Misses the Mark (Against) on the Sex Industry & Anti-Trafficking Work
published by SWOP-NYC