Monday July 20th 7-9pm
Calamus Auditorium at Gay City 
517 East Pike Street

In honor of Sex Worker Appreciation Day, SWOP-Seattle will be hosting a panel discussion to examine the ways in which sex workers contribute to the world. This panel will include written client testimonies, which will be read out loud by the panelists to prompt discussion.

Full panel description is provided at the bottom of this post.

There will most likely be one more current or retired sex worker on this panel, but we have yet to determine exactly who this will be. Stay tuned for updates. 

Jessie Sparkles is a lifestyle S/m practitioner and professional dominant. He’s been kinky for as long as he can remember and doing it professionally for the past 5 years. Much of this work has been as a pro-dom, but he’s also worked as a porn performer and erotic body worker.

Kristen Knapick, MA, LMHC, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle. I specialize in working with those for whom kink/poly/sex work/queerness/gender variance are a part of life, whether the source of a problem or not. My lengthy experience as a member of all of these communities gives me a unique, non-judgmental perspective on mental health within them, and my professional training has sharpened my skills. Please visit for more info on my practice.

Blue describes himself as an accomplished professional in the Seattle area, father of two amazing children, and partner in two successful marriages & divorces over the past 30 years. He began seeking professional services from sex workers at the suggestion of a mentor during the beginning of his most recent spiritual, emotional, and physical transformations as a result of unexpected career change, marital status, and family dynamics. Hiring a sex worker had never been “part of his movie” yet at this point in his life he decided to put aside many of his societal mores and explore professional help for his personal need for companionship, intimacy, and fulfillment of erotic desires. The realization that his successful and needed services of other professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, therapists, and financial advisors similarly extended to the realm of sex workers.

Aidan Allgood (moderator) is a professional houseboy, stand-up comedian and bon vivant. He’s been a kinky little devil all of his life, and loves to share his experiences and love of BDSM and positive perversity with the public. He currently resides in that most emerald of cities, Seattle WA.


Sex Workers in Society
The Unsung Wisdom & Societal Contributions of Erotic Services Providers
Subjected to the judgemental or paternalistic projections of forces outside of their industry, sex workers often operate in secrecy, engaging in a blackmarket economy where the risk for criminal punishment and extreme social shaming is high for both provider and client alike. Why do clients persist in soliciting sex workers when the risk is so high? What are sex workers offering their clients that the world doesn’t see or understand? In this panel discussion, people with direct experience in the adult industry will share perspectives on what sex workers bring to the world, and how they and their clients are effected by laws and social values pertaining to the trade.