Today is TDOR, known commonly as Transgender Day of Remembrance. TDOR is similar to Dec 17th (International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers) in that is it a moment when our communities gather to remember those who have died prematurely due to physical, institutional, or society violence. We at SWOP recognize TDOR because LGBTQI people are frequently involved in the sex trade, and are some of the most impacted amongst us by bigotry and discrimination.

We stand with ALL of our peers in sex work, in particular our peers who are transgender, queer, or expressively living in ways that our mainstream US culture does not understand. We recognize the increasing threat against transgender people caused by the  current administration, and will not quietly allow human and civil rights to be erased. We will continue focus on the voices of our peers who are most impacted by stigma and violence, and educate ourselves to make our organization safer, more accessible, and more culturally competent to any sex workers wishing to participate.

Most importantly, we applaud the fierce resilience of our LGBTQI peers, regardless of whether they are a current or former sex worker. We love you, we are here with you, and we will not only remember you but celebrate and defend you as we move forward in this world together towards true equity.

Click here for the official TDOR website.