This post is to share upcoming events for the rest of this month and the first half of the next. Updated as events are added so check back throughout the month. For an up to date calendar, click here. Due to the nature of some of these events, time and location details are reserved for screened individuals.
SEPIA members who have been screened and receive the newsletter will have details of private events delivered directly to their inbox!

SASS is coming! Multiple Events – February 29 – March 3

Private event for SEPIA Members – Saturday, February 29, 2p(ish) to 9p(ish) – location to be announced
This will be an afternoon of skill shares, networking, a shared meal, and ice-breaking crafts. Open only to current or retired sex workers.

-Legal Clinic: Comment on this post with questions or topics you’d like a local attorney to cover
-Learn key tricks for staying safe online
-Learn to create, market, and sell audio content online and generate passive income
-Learn where to find and how to use the FC2, or Female/internal condom
-Learn about the work of SWOP Behind Bars
-Bedazzle your worst heels (or flats)
-Coloring books, kinky and otherwise
-Take a selfie with our speech bubble whiteboard: #Hostories
-And more!

Canvass for a cause – March 3, 5:30p to evening

We are hosting a public education canvassing event on Tuesday, March 3, Sex Worker’s Rights Day. Meet with us at the Capitol Lounge at 5:30p for a short training, then hit the sidewalks to educate the public about sex workers rights with flyers, signs, and some awesome sex worker swag. Aren’t able to Canvass? Hang back at the Capitol Lounge to enjoy drinks, food, and other like-minded individuals; people who love sex workers and are committed to fighting for our rights.

Unfortunately the canvassing is canceled due to fears of Corona Virus clearing sidewalks of general public. We will reschedule this event once the dust settles.

Brunch with the Society for Erotic Professionals In Action (SEPIA) – Wednesday, February 5, 11:30a – Columbia City

A potluck style event held on the first Wednesday of every month, intended to provide social support and community for active or retired sex workers of all stripes. Dancers, cam performers, full service sex workers, and more all are welcome. You do not need to bring anything to brunch in order to be welcome. Exact location disclosed to SEPIA members.

CRS Meeting – Friday, February 7, 10:30a – Capitol Hill Library

The Coalition for Rights & Safety for People in the Sex Trade (CRS) is a network of individuals and organizations promoting self-determination, safety, well-being, and human rights of sex workers and people engaged in the sex trade through public education, policy advocacy, and other activities from empirical, harm reduction, and social justice perspectives.

Strippers are Workers (SAW) meeting

With the passing of new laws intended to make stripping safer in the state of Washington, a group of dancers have formed an organization to help monitor compliance and educate dancers about the new legislation. They meet monthly, on varying dates and times depending on individual schedules.

SWOP Council Meeting – Sunday, February 9, 2p – Pike Place Market

During council meetings, we check in on ongoing projects, propose new projects when possible, discuss participation with ally organizations, assess past achievements for points of strength and areas of improvement, appoint individuals to planning committees when appropriate, and sometimes enjoy lively discussion after.
Council meetings are open to all SWOP members. We welcome allies for their skills and input but prioritize current or retired sex workers to fill council positions. Email for exact location.

Council positions are:
-SEPIA Point Person
-Lead Coordinator
-Health and Social Services
-Social Media
-Volunteer Coordinator (currently empty)
-Fundraiser (currently empty)

HEALTH FAIR – Thursday, February 13 through Sunday, February 16 – Seattle Center

Seattle/King County Clinic brings together healthcare organizations, civic agencies, non-profits, private businesses and volunteers from across the State of Washington to produce a giant free health clinic at Seattle Center. The four-day volunteer-driven clinic provides free dental, vision and medical care to anyone in the region who struggles to access and/or afford healthcare.