From the filing document:

This lawsuit seeks amends from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s
Office and King County Sheriff’s Office for their malicious and indiscriminate efforts to
attribute to Plaintiff criminal activity concerning human trafficking and sex slavery that
Plaintiff did not perform, has not been credibly alleged to have performed, and with which
he was not charged. Plaintiff was charged with one count of promoting prostitution in the
second degree for “advanc[ing] prostitution” under RCW 9A.88.080(1)(b), namely for
writing reviews and sharing experiences on a private online message board. Yet, Defendants
deliberately conflated that prostitution charge – which, by definition, does not entail force,
fraud, or coercion – with human trafficking and sex slavery – which necessarily entails force,
fraud, or coercion – as part of a concerted plan to secure private funding and manipulate
media coverage.

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