What is SWOP Seattle?

SWOP Seattle is the chapter of the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project centered in the City of Seattle, WA. We share the mission statement and values of our parent organization, SWOP USA, who maintains our 501(c)(3) status.

SWOP Seattle hosts an annual Sex Worker Symposium around International Sex Workers’ Rights Day on March 3, walks in Seattleā€™s Pride Parade in late June, Holds a container for Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, and Honors the fallen on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on December 17.

SWOP Seattle also supports and networks with local agencies, organizations, and individuals to support and further goals set by the national board of SWOP USA. SWOP events including health fairs, council meetings, fundraisers, street based outreach, panel discussions, and more are open to the public. Skill shares, brunches, legal clinics, and other similar events are private, reserved for SEPIA members.

What is SEPIA?

The Society of Erotic Professionals in Action (SEPIA) is a collective of current and retired sexy workers engaged in creating community, support and safety for each other.

Whether we come to SEPIA seeking advice, support, a network of like-minded activists, or simply a place to feel accepted, we all share the bond of belonging to a marginalized demographic that faces discrimination, alienation, media misrepresentation, and threats to our chosen livelihood on a daily basis.

SWOP Seattle has been a chapter for over a decade, surviving the seizure of local advertising platforms, the incarceration of dozens of criminalized sex workers and clients, introduction of legislation that further stigmatizes criminalized sex workers, and upheavals within the community and without. In late 2018, SWOP Seattle landed funding for a few key positions and has been growing ever since.


Welcome to a network of passionate individuals, united under one goal: DECRIM NOW!