February Events 2020

This post is to share upcoming events for the rest of this month and the first half of the next. Updated as events are added so check back throughout the month. For an up to date calendar, click here. Due to the nature of some of these events, time and location details are reserved for screened individuals. SEPIA members who have been screened and [...]

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January News

Go Vermont!!! A female Senator in Vermont, supported by several others, has introduced a bill to repeal the state law against consenting adult full contact sex work. Both the client and the provider face no criminal penalties, as long as the provider is over the age of 18 and there has been no use of fraud, force, coercion, etc in getting them there. House [...]

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Original Work: A Full Contact Sex Worker Tells a Story

The following is an original essay by a Seattle based full contact sex worker. The opinions held herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily directly reflect those of SWOP USA and SWOP Seattle.   I’ve never been afraid of my clients. I screen not only for safety but somewhat for compatibility. Demanding clients with no patience, the types to get angry [...]

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Ally Updates: Supplemental

From the Coalition for Rights and Safety:   Hello friends, Two public hearings of interest have been scheduled for next week (so far). ### 1) HB 2320 The hearing for HB 2320 has been scheduled for next week Tuesday, January 21st at 1:30pm in House Committee on Consumer Protection & Business. HB 2320 requires hotels and other places transient accommodation to provide annual human [...]

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events for the rest of this month and the first half of the next. Updated as events are added so check back throughout the month. For an up to date calendar, click here. Due to the nature of many of these events, time and location details are reserved for screened individuals. SEPIA members who have been screened and receive the newsletter will have [...]

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SWOP Events; Supplemental

The International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers The night began on the west side of the fountain. The street lights glittered off the water as we assembled our group of mourners. A coffin, draped with black tulle, carried by compatriots, led by a crier shouting out the names of the dead. Folx in black, marching, stately, drumming, keening, demanding the end to [...]

SWOP Events; Supplemental

Parlor House Panic - Multiple shows during the week of Thanksgiving, Nov 26, 27, 29, and 30 Anyone who has taken the Underground Tour at night knows about Madame Lou Graham. Early Seattle was filled with houses full of ‘seamstresses’, women with skilled hands who took care of the clothing needs of the local gentlemen. That they took care of them by first removing [...]

SASS Sponsorship Program

2019 SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM For more information about sponsorship, contact To select a sponsorship package, click here Nasty: $150 - $250 At this level, you are funding the SASS performers and presenters! Get nasty! At this level you receive VIP Pass with raffle tickets and funny money for the Sexy Circus Party, a banner on our site and a logo in our Program. Tasty: $251 - $500 At [...]

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SASS 2019

SWOP-Seattle is proud to present the 5th annual SASS, SEATTLE ANNUAL SEXWORK SYMPOSIUM SASS is a festival celebrating the voices and human rights of people with sexy professions, hosted by SWOP-Seattle. SASS is a showcase of events regularly hosted by SWOP-Seattle to educate the public, and help build sex worker community. SASS happens February 28 - March 3rd 2019 TICKETS ON SALE NOW SASS is a [...]

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Thank you to all of the amazing individuals and groups that helped make our December events possible. Shout out to Nollies Cafe and Beecher's Cheese for donating delicious dishes for our community events.We'd like to thank Gay City for offering us meeting and event space. Hats off to Jet City Improv, Seattle Bouldering Project, Clone-A-Willy, Babeland, Left Bank Books, and the Academy of Burlesque [...]

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Volunteer & Lead with SWOP!

SWOP is expanding its Council! We have leadership positions available on the SWOP Council! These positions are for dedicated people interested in leading groups related to SWOP organizational leadership, community organizing, event planning, outreach, and/or professional development. Members of The Council have voting rights in the organization and are crucial to the leadership and development of SWOP. The Council is led by current and [...]

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Transgender Day of RESILIENCE

Today is TDOR, known commonly as Transgender Day of Remembrance. TDOR is similar to Dec 17th (International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers) in that is it a moment when our communities gather to remember those who have died prematurely due to physical, institutional, or society violence. We at SWOP recognize TDOR because LGBTQI people are frequently involved in the sex trade, and are some of the [...]

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Join us @Volunteer Orientation December 9!

VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION & TRAINING - Sun. Dec 9 SWOP-Seattle is excited to announce a new and revitalized Volunteer Orientation & Training! We are gearing up for our December Event Series where we’ll need volunteers to table, manage events, fundraise, and provide on-site support. This training will equip you to represent SWOP to the public and empower you to lead SWOP-related projects with SWOP’s help. We [...]

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December Events

In honor of International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, which was started in Seattle to honor the victims of the Green River Killer, we will be hosting a series of community and public events. Please join us to support sex worker resilience, particularly as we prepare ourselves for the impact of SESTA, which go into full effect in 2019.

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