Health & Wellness for Sex Workers:

Healthy & safety FAQ for Sex Workers from the Chicago PROS Network
This is a comprehensive list of commonly (and uncommonly) asked questions about condoms, STDs/STIs , peer support, client screening, sexual health, and more.

Healing in Action
Self-care tips and advice on navigating the medical system for individuals involved in the sex trade & street-based economies, by Young Women’s Empowerment Project

Trade Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Safety, Health and Well-Being for Sex Workers
A thirteen-chapter guide that holistically addresses well-being. Trade Secrets, by and for diverse individuals involved in different types of adult work, was compiled by the British Columbia Coalition of Experiential Communities between 2007-9.

Tricks of the Trade
Health & safety advice primarily for street workers, but useful for anyone in the adult entertainment industry.

Public Health Resources: Sexual Abuse
This is a website with lists of resources for people who have or who are currently experiencing sexual abuse. Lists include organizations, professionals, and awareness raising tactics.

Medical Resources

ASK Dr. K (San Francisco City Clinic)
Dr. K answers all your hard-to-find questions about sexual health and STIs. Dr. K ran San Francisco’s STD Prevention & Control Department, the department that oversees the St. James Infirmary, from 1998-2009. He’s an internist and infectious disease specialist.

Go Ask Alice!
Honest and useful answers to FAQs about sex, scare-factor-free, from Columbia University Health Care and Public Health Professionals.

AIM Healthcare
Adult Industry Medical Health Foundation is a non-profit corporation created to care for the physical and emotional needs of sex workers and the people who work in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Offering  HIV and STD testing and treatment, counseling, and support-group programs.

A Chart with information on STDs.  
This link is to the San Francisco City Clinic website, and it offers excellent information throughout on reproductive and sexual health.

Washington Health Services

Washington State Basic Health Plan Information

Community Clinics

Community Health Network of Washington
Community Health Network of Washington (CHNW) is a community health network whose mission is to improve the health status of our communities through the provision of high-quality, affordable, community-based health care to under served individuals and families.


Oregon Health Services

Oregon State Health Plan Information

Community Clinics

Coalition of Community Clinics

The Coalition of Community Health Clinics is a network of private, non-profit health clinics located throughout Multnomah County. These clinics provide health services to uninsured and under-served individuals in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Multnomah County Health Department

Volunteers In Medicine

Southern Oregon Community Health Center