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Northwest Justice Project
Are you a victim of a crime and need non-criminal legal assistance?  Some ways this organization may help include fighting extortion by your landlord, stopping an ex who is preventing access to your children, fighting harassment by a client, or assistance with negotiating with a landlord if you have difficulty making rent.  The organization does not include class action lawsuits, legislative help, or lawsuits for money.

This law firm focuses on family law in diverse areas including sex workers and sex positive culture.

Legal Voice
Legal Voice focuses on impact litigation, legislative advocacy and public education related to gender and LGBTQ+ equity.  They may also be able to provide legal referrals outside of SWOP’s network of resources.

Reference Material

How to Handle Contact with Law Enforcement
So, things went wrong and police were called. Unfortunately, that happens and it isn’t fun for anyone. Here is a handy guide for best practices if you find yourself in any of the following situations.