In Case of Arrest

Emergency Response Worksheet: Prepare for the possibility of Arrest
 A planning worksheet for individuals to fill out to help plan for the possibility of arrest.

In Case of Arrest…What NOT To Do!
Ten tips from an attorney on what not to do in case you are arrested.

What Can I Expect if I am Arrested?

The Legal Aid Society breaks down what to expect in case of arrest.


The Monthly Kick Ass Class!
This is a monthly self-defense class hosted by SWOP-Seattle for SEPIA Members (current and retired sex workers). For more information on this event, check out our calendar in the sidebar, or join SEPIA. (On hold due to COVID)

Model Mugging
Model Mugging offers a variety of courses designed to help people identify and respond to dangerous situations such as assault, rape, and other forms of violence.

Reduce Risks of Physical Harm from Management & Customers 

Screening – Identifying & Avoiding Potentially Dangerous Clients
A guide on how to assess whether individuals who contact you may be dangerous, primarily for indoor, independent workers.

Screening for Adult Film/Porn Performers – Avoiding Unsafe, Exploitative Adult Film Jobs
Advice on how to distinguish between legitimate, legal adult film work and dodgy, possibly dangerous offers.

Spotting and Avoiding Bad Management
A comprehensive guide with questions to ask prospective employers and warning signs, put together by SWOP-USA members.

Verify Him
Verify Him is a blacklist database for sex workers, which also offers extensive online screening searches.

DangerZone411 is a private safety resource started and managed by working ladies.

Portland Bad Date Line

Screening Services


Room Service 2000

Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Ultimate Guide to Thriving As A Newly Independent Woman

Single Parent Advocate

Single Parents Network

How to Fix It Yourself

Financial Abuse

Financial Savings & Debt Management